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In-Market Validation of Connections-BasedSM Research
Data collected by Harris Interactive, over the past five years and across multiple industries, provides empirical evidence that Connections-Based Research is a critical element to generating more accurate in-market models, and is highly effective at measuring the bonds that drive customer behavior.

Marketing Communications Research

Harris Interactive Marketing Communications Research offers research solutions to test the performance of marketing communications, spanning:

  • media
  • print
  • radio
  • mobile devices
  • television
  • events
  • public relations
  • the Web

Our research techniques, enabled by an online methodology, are designed to adapt to other methods when online research is not an option. This allows organizations in virtually every industry, everywhere, to test and measure their marketing campaigns at every stage – from ideation, to concept, to copy testing, to in-market evaluation and tracking.

Connections-Based Research Portfolio

The fundamental goal of all marketing communications is to develop and improve the bonds between a brand and its customers. Harris Interactive’s Connections-Based Research enables organizations to actually measure these bonds, and is predictive of both reported and actual market behavior—resulting in more effective marketing and advertising campaigns and a better return on those investments.

Online Methodology

Our online methodology encompasses the following elements:

Connections-Based Concept Testing measures the effectiveness of advertising messages prior to execution – often taking into account competitors’ concepts and messages. At this phase, test stimuli may include positioning statements, logos, messages or full white-board concepts. It is the period during which an idea begins to take shape.

Connections-Based QuantQual combines advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques to reveal subtle patterns that a single method might overlook. This approach is typically used at the "pre-finished" stage to provide maximum input for creative development, quickly and efficiently. As a result, organizations can better test and diagnose the success of a campaign in communicating the desired message(s) and bringing customers closer to the brand.

Connections-Based Copy Testing allows for a comprehensive diagnosis of a piece of communication, typically close to its finished state, to ensure that all elements are working together to deliver maximum input against the expressed strategy. The ultimate goal of every test is to assess the "best of the best" relative to the target, market and strategy.

Connections-Based Tracking continually monitors the effectiveness of integrated marketing campaigns across various media – providing management with actionable information to improve the way marketing activities are developed, managed, and sourced. Connections-Based Tracking is both strategic and tactical, and analysis must be specific to the strategy of the brand, the marketing strategy, and the competitive environment.

Predicting In Market Behavior

Harris Interactive utilizes Complexity Science to study the collective behavior of interacting entities in ways that traditional research cannot, especially when working with numerous, complex variables. In Complexity Science, everything is related (price is related to advertising, which is related to competition, which is related to expectations, and so on). A powerful tool in our extensive analytics portfolio, Complexity Science is ideal for assessing how factors inside and outside of the brand interact to drive in-market success, including the interactions of brands and customers.

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