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Today’s media and entertainment environment is highly dynamic. Platforms are converging while audiences are fragmenting.  Today’s competitor is often tomorrow’s strategic partner.  To serve these wide-ranging but inextricably linked industries, the Harris Interactive Media & Entertainment Research Practice provides clients with the insight they need to successfully navigate change.

Deep Market Knowledge and Cutting-Edge Strategic Insight

We view content within the framework of a product’s life cycle, which can span years or even decades, stretching across multiple platforms of distribution during that time.  We view consumption within the context of a consumer with almost infinite options, but also with a behavioral history, limited disposable income and often even more limited free time.

Our history with media and entertainment research includes:

  • Pre-Alpha and Concept Testing
  • Product Development
  • Market Sizing
  • Consumer Profiling
  • Attitudes and Usage
  • Positioning
  • Brand Equity & Measurement
  • Customer Loyalty/Satisfaction
  • Sponsorship Impact
  • Recruit to View
  • Product Configuration
  • Content/Bundle Optimization
  • Product/Sales Forecasting
  • Test Market Evaluation
  • Message Testing
  • Pre-Post Ad Testing
  • Audience/Reader/Player Segmentation
  • Scaling Competition
  • Price Sensitivity
  • Readership Surveys
  • Website Development & Evaluation

Our holistic approach is reflected and reinforced by experience in these industries:

  • Theatrical and home video – theatrical movies and non-theatrical content
  • Music publishing/distribution
  • TV broadcasting – network, cable, satellite
  • Video gaming - console, hand-held, PC and online video games
  • Radio broadcasting – network, satellite
  • Print – magazines, newspapers, other publications
  • Internet publishing – online, website
  • Gaming and amusement venues – theme parks, casinos

Access to Sophisticated Research Techniques

The media and entertainment practice draws on Harris Interactive's proprietary quantitative research methods and analytics to provide added insight and actionable recommendations to our clients.

Discrete Choice Modeling - optimizes feature/benefit and price combinations for new or redesigned products or services

Strategic Cube™ - model overlaying brand performance on motivating power to identify positioning

Ransom Note - online tool for ad and copy message testing

Predictive Segmentation™ - segmentation methodology to identify groups of respondents with similar characteristics and needs

Price Sensitivity Meter - a method developed by van Westendorp to examine patterns of pricing consciousness

Perceptual Mapping - visualizes how certain segments identify with brands or celebrities

Access to the World’s Largest Online Panel

Harris Interactive’s global online panel of over seven million respondents is among the largest in the industry.  Our panel’s sheer size allows us to conduct large sample size surveys with ease along with the unmatched ability to reach low-incidence groups, ranging from early adopters of new technology to regular readers of niche publications. We actively profile new members and re-profile existing members so we can efficiently target the populations most important to our client. Here are a few sub-panels we have developed of special interest to the media and entertainment industry:  

  • Broadband Subscribers
  • Cable/Satellite Subscribers
  • Technology Decision Makers (consumer)
  • Computer and Console Gamers
  • Affluent
  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual
  • Tweens, Teens and Young Adults
  • Culture Goers
  • Gamers/Gamblers
  • Readers of Key Magazines
  • Viewers of Key Networks
  • TiVo Users
  • HDTV Owners

More about our Specialty Panels.

A Small Firm Approach to the Relationship

We take a consultative approach to understanding our clients’ uniqueness, the business climate they face and the competitive challenges they need to address on a daily basis. Our clients receive the "best of both worlds" solutions by combining a consultative approach with our large-company specialized expertise and state-of-the-art tools.

Specific Applications / Key Examples of Recent Research

  • Market use studies
  • Yearly content provision
  • Audience value measurement
  • Content and audience value measurement for sales enrichment
  • DVD pricing and sales forecasting
  • Publication brand extendibility
  • Segmentation of casino gamers
  • Radio personality equity
  • Sponsorship equity

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