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Harris Interactive has worked for some of the most prominent non profit organizations in the U.S.  Using our innovative research techniques and consultative approach we have a track record of success among these unique, mission-driven organizations in enhancing their brands, managing their public image, staying in touch with their supporters, and responding on key issues of public concern.

Where success is measured in dollars contributed, individuals served, and lives changed for the better, Harris Interactive's research and consulting consistently makes a difference.

Harris Interactive’s research for non profits and foundations can:

  • Help you define or redefine your goals and programs
  • Provide useful information to policy makers in the public and private sectors
  • Help you improve the quality of your decision-making
  • Identify, define, and quantify unmet public needs or societal issues
  • Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your programs
  • Focus the attention of policymakers on issues or demographic groups that are of a particular interest to you
  • Build and strengthen the policy capabilities of academic or professional institutions
  • Build awareness of the foundation’s leadership role
  • Position the foundation as the unique source of important policy-relevant data not available from any other organization
  • Improve the grant-making process with systematic feedback from grantees and applicants
  • Evaluate and improve a foundation’s website

You benefit from our:

  • Ability to conduct complex, long-term studies
  • Global reach and international capabilities
  • Ability to survey very hard-to-reach, low-incidence populations
  • Capability to survey children
  • Expertise in social issues such as aging and longevity, healthcare, education, urban policy and disability
  • Exceptionally skilled staff
  • High quality research and services
  • Brand name reputation for conducting fair, balanced, first-rate research

Case Studies

"How well do engaged Americans understand foundations and their impact?"
Read the full results: Philanthropy’s Awareness Deficit

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