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Corporate Reputation

A Critical, But Often Overlooked, Component of Business Growth

Annual RQ 2008 - The Most Visible Companies in America



Corporate reputation management has always been important. But in today’s market where consumer trust is at an all-time low, discerning companies are acknowledging the importance of their own corporate reputations as corporate assets. These companies now recognize that to actively manage their reputation, they must first measure it effectively. 

Harris Interactive Brand & Strategy Consulting Practice specializes in corporate reputation. Although corporate reputation includes crisis management, an ongoing, impactful corporate reputation management program is not singularly associated with crisis.

We have provided corporate reputation research-based insights and actionable consulting for some of the world’s largest enterprises. The practice has turned corporate reputation measurement—and more importantly—reputation management into a science based on one simple concept: your stakeholders’ perception is your corporate reputation.

We partner with our clients to provide deep insights on the corporation’s current reputation, understand the company’s brand promise and goals, and design effective messaging and strategies. Furthermore, we continue to measure the company’s reputation to understand how it is impacted by its management strategies as well as other controlled and uncontrolled factors.

We have demonstrated the link between strong corporate reputations (i.e., perceptions) and positive supportive behaviors toward those companies, including product purchase and investment behavior. Moreover, we have identified a strong positive relationship between change in reputation and change in market capitalization.

Corporate Reputation Case Studies

Annual RQ

The Annual RQ is an assessment tool that captures perceptions of corporate reputations across industries, among multiple audiences, and is adaptable to countries outside the United States. The Annual RQ provides information critical to the strategic decisions that companies make every day. 

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