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Staying Current with Today’s Trends

It’s no secret; massive change has become the current state of business in the retail sector. Looking ahead, the pace of transformation will only accelerate with advancing channels, technologies, and the inception of mobile commerce. At this stage, many retail firms are still in catch-up mode; others are in the thick of today’s retail paradigm; some are out in front. Where does your firm sit on the spectrum of change, market intelligence and opportunity?

Now in Stock: Research for the New Retail

Retail firms who have leveraged innovation are best positioned to use evolving customer expectations as a springboard to profitable growth. On the other hand, retailers that rely solely on traditional research techniques to deliver ever-changing and differentiating customer experiences may be at risk for eroding share of wallet, mindshare, market share and ultimately, brand longevity. Your customers are driving change. Your competitors are part of the movement. Taking the lead requires research solutions that are stocked to do the same.

A New Line of Solutions

An artfully selected inventory of solutions that are designed to help you:

UNDERSTAND your customers and the evolving market.

DELIVER optimized services and experiences.

CAPTIVATE customers and advocates repeatedly.

Harris Interactive Retail builds on your traditional suite of research solutions with innovative tools, technologies and approaches that enable you to deliver the best possible customer experience, consistently. At the same time, you deepen your understanding of the marketplace and your competitors’ customers—regionally, nationally, globally—in a highly dynamic fashion.

Cross Channel Shopping Behavior

Our Cross Channel solutions are dedicated to unveiling important information about how your customers (and your competitors’ customers) are behaving. Using on- and offline quantitative models and methodologies, we provide your firm with an in-depth understanding of your customer base (and your competitors’), their consumption patterns, and evolving paths to purchase.

Holistic Behavioral Analysis

Traditional and online qualitative research solutions allow you to understand your customers and markets in a whole new way. If you want to deliver the right services and experiences, you first need to dig deeper into their attitude and value sets, beyond the scope of your traditional focus groups. With our tools, you can explore different experiential preferences between consumer groups and capture the definitive brand experience you need to deliver – across channels, mediums and customer segments.

Building Loyal and Profitable Customer Relationships

Our brand strategy and loyalty experts blend methodologies, tools and analytics to diagnose and prescribe organizational priorities that grow market share, revenues and profits—all in return for a loyal base of customers and advocates. Styles and customer preferences are always changing. Now, with Harris Interactive, you’ll have the expert direction required to deliver the right experience, at the right time.

A Global Database of Shoppers

Harris Interactive houses a multimillion member global, online consumer panel representing the full spectrum of U.S. shoppers, which means we can pinpoint your customers, potential customers, and competitors’ customers. You are also able to survey your customer database alongside our panel of consumers, providing a full view of the market—from your loyal customers to consumers who are adverse to or saboteurs of your brand.

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