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Shelf Impact

Packaging Evaluation System

Any package can have impact if you stare at it long enough. However, your package typically only has seconds to make an impression. With Shelf Impact, Harris Interactive’s patent-pending online package testing tool, we can control the exposure time, so that you get a more realistic assessment of what your consumers notice – and what they don’t.

Shelf Impact is designed to measure three important packaging criteria:

  • Impact refers to a package’s ability to break through competitive shelf clutter.
  • Findability is the ease with which consumers can locate a package.
  • Imagery assesses the thoughts and feelings communicated by the package.

Benefits of Shelf Impact

  • Confirms that the new design has greater shelf impact than current designs and/or competitors’ packages. We can tell whether or not people saw and recognized the image.
  • Confirms whether the new package is easier to find than the current package.
  • Determines whether the brand imagery associated with the redesign is better than the current design.

How does Shelf Impact work?

Package Impact

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1. We use high-resolution images of category shelf-sets.
Using a patent-pending technique, the images are rapidly displayed with the test or control designs. (The actual exposure speed is calibrated during a pre-test phase.)
2. Respondents are shown each of the products on a follow-up screen and asked to select which items they saw. (The response set includes ghost products – products not on the shelf-set.)
3. The sequence of exposure and response set is repeated three times


Package Findability

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1. Respondents view the test SKU independently
2. A shelf-set image with test or control design is rapidly displayed.
3. A response grid with radio buttons is shown to respondents. The response grid is made to resemble the shelf-set in terms of size, shape, and location on the screen.
4. Respondents indicate where in the shelf-set they saw the test SKU by clicking a button in the response grid to indicate its position.

Percent of respondents able to 
correctly identify package location after brief flash.



Imagery and Purchase Interest

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1. We measure for consumer "connectedness" – does the package relate to consumers’ needs and wants?
2. We assess the packages’ underlying emotional and cognitive attributes such as excitement, likeability and convenience.
3. We measure behavioral predilection such as purchase interest.

Attitudes Regarding New vs. Current 
Package Across Key Dimensions

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