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We don’t just monitor and measure the industry. We live and breathe it, interacting with the thought leaders who drive technology and telecom every day. Using our unique category knowledge, we ask the right questions, confirm all your business issues, design and implement your study and dig for the information you need. Then, we interact with you, delivering intelligent business insight – including consultative recommendations – in simple, clear language.

What Makes Us Different

  • Deep Industry Experience
    Our experienced practice groups include researchers that come from the sectors they research, ensuring accurate analysis and useful insight.
  • Advanced Analytics
    Employing one of the industry’s strongest groups of experts in advanced quantitative methods, we bring sophisticated research methodologies to your study.
  • Cross-Team Expertise
    From branding to customer satisfaction to advertising, when you need information on specific applications, our solutions practice groups can partner with our technology practice to deliver powerful insight to your business.
  • Category Depth - Global Reach
    Our researchers have access to what we believe to be the world’s largest online panel, spanning millions of respondents from consumers to business professionals. Within that breadth lies the depth of our specialty panels, which target precise populations such as:
    • teen video-gamers
    • wireless users
    • business decision makers; big, small, foreign or domestic
  • A Full Suite of Services
    Includes online and traditional research. Qualitative and quantitative studies from design through analysis. We provide you with the personal service of a small firm with the resources of a large one.
  • International Offices and Affiliates
    Doing business around the world ensures we can handle any foreign study, from common translation to interpreting the most unique cultural nuance.
  • Clear, Actionable Results
    Our reports make it incredibly simple to quickly find the insight you seek. A deck full of data isn’t going to lead you to a smart business decision. It’s that nugget of knowledge inside the data that can open the door to tremendous opportunity. Or, prevent unrecoverable failure. At Harris Interactive, we bring value to clients by dissecting data from every angle, enabling us to deliver not just information, but true, actionable insight.

Specialty Panels

IT Decision Makers Specialty Panel: The largest market research panel of its type with access to 100,000 decision makers across the globe. It helps you quickly reach those who purchase technology and telecommunications products and services for their firms.

Console and Computer Gamer Specialty Panel: Accessing more than a million gamers, the panel is ideal for studies concerning game concept development, beta testing/feedback on existing games, market segmentation, feature trade off analysis, and/or testing of advertising copy.

Wireless User Specialty Panel: Gain unprecedented research access to over 150,000 pre-screened users of wireless devices around the world. Use the speed of online data collection to your advantage to make real-time decisions about your customers and competitors’ customers.

Industry Insights

Our ongoing complimentary webinars pull together questions from top industry executives and answers from our experienced research team, helping you keep up with industry trends and challenges.

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