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Over the past decade, our research experts have conducted more than 1 million interviews with members of Generation Y, and have provided insights to youth marketers, educators, and public policy makers on nearly every issue of importance to today’s youth.

In addition to our multi-client study of online young people, YouthPulse, and our quick turnaround YouthQuery Omnibus, we conduct a full range of custom research projects both in the U.S. and globally among children and teens. Building on our core online methodology, our other data collection capabilities include school-based interviewing, centralized telephone centers and focus groups.


YouthPulse reports available include:

  • YouthPulse 2007 - this extensive report covers hundreds of topics among kids in the U.S. ages 8 to 21.
  • YouthPulse Comparison 2007 United States/China - this report covers today’s youth ages 15 to 21 in three geographic locations; Shanghai, Hong Kong and the U.S.
  • YouthPulse 2009 – coming soon!

Learn more about our YouthPulse reports.

Note: YouthPulse study was not conducted in 2008.


You need quantitative insights from Generation Y—YouthQuery omnibus lets you ask questions and get accurate, projectable answers from 1,100 young consumers nationwide—within days!

Here’s how it works:

  • You submit and finalize your questions with our youth research consultants by the second Friday of the month.
  • Your questions are transformed into an online questionnaire and filled out by participants of the Harris Interactive Youth Panel within a week.
  • Responses are representative on a national basis.
  • The data is delivered to you electronically in tables. Standard subgroups within the data include age and gender.

Youth and Qualitative Research

In some cases, the best way to understand a youth audience is to engage them in qualitative research. Harris Interactive's moderators are expert in working with youth markets, and have spent countless hours doing so. They'll work with you to determine the best qualitative method to use when targeting this market, and they’ll use specific techniques designed to elicit open and honest opinions from this growing segment.

Youth and Automotive

Kids as young as 13 can have a significant impact on new and aftermarket vehicle purchase decisions, and research shows that brand preferences are established, in many cases, years in advance of their first car purchase. AutoYOUTH surveys over 3,000 U.S. panelists each year from its own Youth and Automotive Insights Panels, particularly U.S. Generation Y-Millennial from
ages 13-29.

Youth and Public Policy

If you're looking to shed some light on an important public policy issue, we can help you understand what people think about the issues that matter to you and to young people. Some of Harris Interactive’s surveys are designed for public release or syndication. In addition, proprietary surveys are conducted for clients on an exclusive and confidential basis. Examples include:

  • Study of Youth Attitudes on Racism, conducted for the Reebok Foundation and Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sports in Society. This survey measured high school student’s attitudes on human rights, community activities, and steps that might be taken to ease racial, ethnic and religious prejudice.
  • Between Hope and Fear: Teens Speak Out on Crime and the Community, a survey conducted for the National Teens, Crime and the Community Program. This study described the experiences that young people had with violence and crime in their day-to-day lives.

Youth and Education

Education affects every aspect of our lives, from the well-being of schoolchildren to the quality of the corporate work force. When substandard learning, racial and gender inequality, and violence happen in schools, they impact the outside world as well. Because of the importance of education and public policy, Harris Interactive has created a practice dedicated solely to education-related research.

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For more information on youth research or how we can be of help on your next project, contact us at or call 877.919.4765.

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