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Technology: The Harris Interactive Advantage

Building on a legacy of integrity, reliability, and accuracy dating back more than four decades to the founding of Louis Harris and AssociatesTM and The Harris Poll, Harris Interactive has established itself as the world leader in Internet-based market research. The company has invested over $35 million, and continues to invest, in a technology infrastructure that provides the research community with a complete suite of unique technology solutions. The scope and flexibility of this integrated platform enables clients to achieve much more with their research budgets, while simultaneously realizing significant productivity gains within their own work environments.

"We have a very large customer satisfaction program with hundreds of internal clients who view the data on a daily basis. The Harris Interactive portal has been invaluable in our ability to quickly communicate our results and bring the customer voice to our management and front line. The fact that we can provide real time results, organized in a way that drives action is a key component of the success of our customer satisfaction program."

Renee Karson
Senior Director
Qwest Market Intelligence and Database Platform Support

Technology Leadership

We believe that we have conducted more "research on research" than any other market research company. Based on that research, we have developed a proprietary suite of cutting-edge technologies and research methodologies, enabling us to:

Internet Survey Construction

Given the size of our panel and the number of surveys Harris Interactive is able to deliver rapidly via the Internet, we can promise a superior research product in terms of data richness. Yet in another respect, Harris Interactive's online surveys are more akin to telephone surveys than other online research products because they are based on our Dynamic Survey Construction. Questions can become progressively more personalized, utilizing the concept of Successive Disclosure. Because questions are asked one at a time, answers to current questions are used to determine the content of follow-up questions. The resulting data can be as specific as you need them to be.

The Convenience of Email, the Power of the Internet

Our online methodology is unique in another sense. Respondents are invited via email to take a survey at their convenience, rather than being asked to respond to a telephone survey at a time that may not be ideal. The email invitation provides a date range in which to respond, making it easy for most respondents to fit a survey into their personal schedules. And, unlike telephone and mail surveys, Harris Interactive's online questionnaires can incorporate visual cues, both still and in motion, at any given point under the control of the survey process. Our software even protects your intellectual property, preventing visuals from being saved, printed, copied or forwarded.

The Benefits are Clear

Our Internet-based surveys can be completed in as little as 48 hours, deliver diverse or specific geographic segments, and receive input from thousands of individuals at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time required for mail surveys, telephone surveys, or personal interviews.

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