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For many consumers, our relationships with our energy and utility providers tick along and are fairly transactional. They supply what we need, we use it, and we pay for what we use, and the cycle goes on. There is little contact but it’s a slick and efficient process, much of which in my instance is done online.

So when something big happens, like moving house (a pretty stressful time for most people), providers have a good opportunity to engage more with customers, giving them the extra support and reassurance they need, and building trust. In other words, connecting more emotionally, and ensuring we feel our business is valued...

Posted 27 October 2014 by Debbie Senior, Senior Consultant

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A lot has happened in the UK energy market since the days of privatisation. Since such days there has been a monopoly on the sector as the ‘big 6’ dominate with ‘a whopping 98% of the market’ (according to Which?).

When choosing a supplier for your home energy would you opt for big or small?

Many assume that bigger is better. Why? Because they have the resources, the research, the clout to be able to offer better customer service and prices, but is this true?

Posted 28 May 2014 by Mike Pickering, Associate Director

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We switch energy supplier every couple of years to keep up to date with current deals. With the level of information provided online by your supplier these days it makes using comparison sites so easy. All the information you need - gas and electricity consumption over the last 12 months, is clearly available so it’s just a case of plugging your postcode and those numbers into uSwitch or similar and you get a variety of deals to choose from.

We are thinking of moving house this year so did not want to sign up for a fixed deal just yet. I was aware of a couple of smaller providers offering cheaper general tariffs and First Utility came up as one of the cheaper ones.

Posted 20 May 2014 by Gill Revans, Harris Interactive

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