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Food & Drink and Retail Experience (PDF)Our FMCG experience is varied and vast. We are passionate about understanding consumer behaviour to help brands and retailers grow. Our objective is always the same: to ensure that each project delivers new, insightful  and actionable learnings to support brand development.

We work with our clients to understand their business needs and design projects that build consumer understanding and put consumers at the heart of decision making.

Our clients range from the largest FMCG organisations in the world to UK-focused enterprises.
We work on a vast array of projects giving each one the same care, attention and focus required – regardless of size or scope.

We work across varied sectors including Food and Drink (we are a research parther to the Food and Drink Federation), Personal Care (spanning toiletries, cosmetics and consumer health) and Retail.

The topics we research tend to be time-critical so we understand that timings are everything in the fast-paced world of FMCG.

We have successfully delivered projects spanning the topics below:

  • Concept Testing and NPD: pack testing, claims testing, concept screening, concept optimisation, shelf standout
  • Branding and Communications: brand tracking, ad evaluation
  • U&A, Segmentation, Decision Hierarchy and Market Sizing
  • Customer Loyalty


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