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How We've Helped Media Companies

We have worked with a very diverse range of companies, ranging in scale and scope from specialist academic publishers, to national broadcasters. Our experience covers a wide range of business models, from pure advertising through to pure subscription and cover-price models, and every mixture in between. Our rounded view can encompass all aspects of the media value chain

  • research to deliver content insight for producers and editors
  • testing and feedback in production phases to maximize appeal and engagement
  • targeting of both content and marketing through audience understanding, to enhance both scale and desirability of the audience profile
  • the marketing of the media brand to maximize audience, and ultimately, the monetisation of the audience generated
  • In addition, we work with advertising sales teams and media agencies to study advertising effectiveness, to develop long term benefits from insight, to help counter the commoditisation of audience and impacts as buying points consolidate.

We help clients address the challenges of ever faster social and technological change, as brands move across platforms and formats, and as their audiences (and audience attention and engagement) fragment in an ever more competitive context. 

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