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In such a fast moving, competitive market, consumers and businesses face potentially overwhelming choice, whether they’re considering new devices/formats, services or providers. It’s a real challenge for brands to cut-through and this is exacerbated by the different ways that consumers and businesses today engage with the category and approach purchases. Those who are less involved and less sophisticated in their needs and behaviours are likely to be less enthusiastic and generally reactive, whereas the highly engaged are likely to relish the opportunity to investigate new developments, via numerous channels, and consider potential changes or purchases in great depth.  Consumer and business needs, behaviours and perceptions are blurring.  Most are more switched on, demanding and keen to try new things.

We help brands to navigate this complexity and determine the most optimal brand & communications, customer relationship and product/service strategies.  We get under the skin of the motivating factors, whether it be brand/product preference, customer experience, new behaviours and applications or the technology itself.  And we are careful to understand the balance between the rational and emotional drivers for different audiences, to help our clients better target, position and communicate their proposition effectively.

With particular strengths in both consumer and b2b brand and loyalty/relationship management, we have worked with leading brands in the sector for over 10 years.

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