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  • Supermarkets face double whammy on milk prices as consumer concern over farmers soars - March 2015
    A year can be a long time in grocery. "milk price cuts are good news according to shoppers," The Grocer reported last March, at the height of the 2014 supermarket milk price war. In a poll for The Grocer by Harris Interactive, nearly 60% of consumers said the mults were right to slash four pints of milk to £1. Just 29% felt £1 was too low for a four-pinter. One year on, Harris Interactive has just re-run that poll - and shopper sentiment has turned. Now nearly 40% believe milk is too cheap and just 54% agree milk price cuts are "good news" for consumers. (Our data in The Grocer)

  • Revealed: one in three say frozen food is inferior to fresh - February 2015
    Frozen food has an image problem. One in three (32%) Brits believe it is inferior to fresh food, with 43% saying nothing would induce them to buy more frozen. Of those who say frozen is inferior, 57% cite concerns about quality, 33% say they prefer to cook from scratch and 17% say the memory of the 2013 horsemeat scandal deters them. “Stores and frozen food brands need to do more to combat these negative perceptions,” says Lucia Juliano, head of fmcg & retail research at Harris Interactive, which polled 2,000 shoppers on behalf of The Grocer. (Our data in The Grocer)

  • Creative challenge: Frozen ready meals can be sexy - February 2015
    Sometimes it feels like the past few decades have passed the frozen food aisle by. Of course, there have been noteworthy product developments in recent years (such as McCain Ready Baked Jackets and Birds Eye Stir Your Senses) but too often the products filling the freezers fail to inspire. Of the 32% of Brits who believe frozen food is inferior to fresh, 10% cite a lack of choice of products, 12% claim the food they prefer to eat isn’t available in the frozen format and 8% say there is a lack of decent brands to choose from [Harris Interactive].(Our data in The Grocer)

  •  Revealed: 40% of young binge on crisps and 75% skip meals - February 2015
    Almost a quarter of Brits - and 40% of under-25s - regularly consume an entire sharing bag of crisps by themselves in one sitting. So reveals our latest poll for The Grocer that suggests the notion of three square meals a day is becoming a thing of the past, with 57% regularly skipping meals and grazing on snacks instead.  (Our data in The Grocer) 

  • Exploring alternative services and innovation - January 2015
    Customer Power: Banking is a Harris Interactive programme of research exploring the relationships that UK customers have with their bank. The first article in this series explored the relationship customers want to have with their retail bank. The second explored switching behaviour, and the third looked at the impact of digital and Omni channel banking. This article, the final in the series, explores the demand for new product and service innovations and why this is a defining moment for banks to tailor their propositions to meet different consumer needs. (Our article in Global Banking & Finance Review)

  • Exploring digital and omnichannel banking - January 2015
    Customer Power: Banking is a Harris Interactive programme of research exploring the relationships that UK customers have with their bank.  This, the third in a series of four articles, explores the impact of digital and omnichannel banking, which banks are the best at online and mobile banking, how banks compare against Amazon and PayPal, and channel preferences. (Our article in Global Banking & Finance Review)

  • Switching – is it happening? - December 2014
    Customer Power: Banking is a Harris Interactive programme of research exploring the relationships UK customers have with their bank.  This article, the second in the series, explores switching behaviour, what prompts customers to switch and what they are looking for. (Our article in Global Banking & Finance Review)

  • Wine o'clock: 15% of Brits regularly polish off a bottle solo - November 2014
    One in three Brits drinks at home alone with 15% regularly polishing off a bottle of wine to themselves, according to an exclusive poll for The Grocer. That means many are regularly knocking back around 10 units of alcohol in one sitting, instead of the recommended daily maximum of two to three units for women, or three to four for men. (Our data in The Grocer)

  • Two Thirds of Tea Drinkers Would Pay More For a Cuppa - October 2014
    A recent special report in The Grocer explored the UK's hot drink market and revealed the current average price of a teabag in the supermarkets was 2p [IRI 52 w/e 17 August 2013], but 45.8% say they would pay up to 5p a bag if the quality was right; 13.6% would pay up to 10p; 4.1% would pay up to 20p; and 3.9% would pay more than that. This suggests more premium tea brands could win greater share of the market if they can convince shoppers they are worth paying more for. (Our data in The Grocer)

  • Customer Power: Exploring the relationships that customers want to have with their retail bank - October 2014
    Customer Power: Banking is a Harris Interactive programme of research exploring the relationships that UK customers have with their bank. This article, the first in a series of four, explores whether consumers have the relationship they want, how it makes them feel, who the best banks are and why, and how banking compares with other sectors. (Our article in Global Banking & Finance Review)

  • Charity Brand Index: Emerging signs of declining trust - October 2014
    The Charity Brand Index, compiled each year by Third Sector in partnership with Harris Interactive, has taught us much over the past six years by providing a barometer of what the public – as opposed to donors – really think of charities. The information provided by the index can be used to improve fundraising methods and attract more donations and volunteers. And each year it has naturally focused on the movements of particular charities up or down the ranking and on analysis of why the public has taken this or that charity to its heart. (Our article on Third Sector)

  • Ronaldo Tops Rooney's UK Fan Base Across All Social Media - October 2014
    Twitter and football make for a powder keg combination and are rarely out of the news. Wayne Rooney has recently been crowned Britain's most popular (and the world's 6th most popular) athlete on Twitter, after breaking through the 10 million followers barrier.But is Twitter the be all and end all when it comes to British football and social media - after all there are lots of other platforms out there? We decided to investigate football's relationship with social media more generally in SocialLife5*, our regular social tracker. (Our article on The Huffington Post) 

  • How does your political allegiance affect your views on public transport? - September 2014
    A survey, carried out by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Guardian to support the 'Big Transport Debate' considers how voters feel about different types of transport, demonstrating how fundamentally we all conform to type. (Our research in the Guardian - Big Transport Debate)

  • Fifth of young people eat a tub of ice cream in one sitting - September 2014
    One in five young people regularly eat 500ml tubs of ice cream – five times the recommended serving size – to themselves in one sitting, an exclusive poll for The Grocer has revealed. Twenty two per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds admit to regularly taking on a tub solo in one go, versus 13% of the general population, according to our survey (Our data in The Grocer).  

  • Workout wearables - the benefits of the latest fitness devices - August 2014
    Wristbands that tell you when to move, space-age goggles that log skiing data, sports socks that monitor foot strike. A new era of fitness has arrived; one that doesn’t bank on the sensation of feeling ‘puffed out’ to determine how fit you are, but instead uses a plethora of ultramodern devices to monitor every aspect of your performance. (Our research in Health & Fitness Magazine - PDF)

  • Restoring trust: the strongest link - August 2014
    A significant percentage of consumers trust their bank, and want a closer, long term relationship with it, according to  research that may suprise many both inside and outside the industry. (Our data in Chartered Banker)

  • Male grooming category report - August 2014
    The Grocer reveals findings from our recent survey that one third of your male colleagues may not have brushed their teeth this morning, and one in 10 men only bathe or shower every three days... (Our data in The Grocer)

  • The growth of 'DIY investors': RDR changes pushing a move to self direction? - July 2014
    18 months ago the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) came into force and represented a major shake up for the retail investment market. Incorporating data from The Harris Poll, we assess the impact it has had on the use of professional advice. (Our article on Global Banking & Finance Review)

  • Social Mobility - July 2014
    Most online UK consumers are signed up to – and active on – one or more social media platforms. Facebook alone is used regularly by 80 per cent of the online population and others like YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat also have sizeable and diverse audiences engaging with them, day in, day out. But which devices are consumers using to access their favourite platforms, and are different devices used for different platforms and by different demographics? (Our article on Mobile Marketing Week)

  • Revealed: one in four binge on chocolate sharing bags - July 2014
    Sharing bags? Pah. More than half of us (54%) eat confectionery from packs intended for sharing, according to our exclusive poll for The Grocer. But an alarming number of us do not share them at all. (Our research in The Grocer - Confectionery report 2014)

  • How brands are generating revenue on social - July 2014
    Consumers are becoming ever more mobile and increasingly social. As brand advertisers strive to influence their purchase decisions on social media, how can they be sure they’re optimising their efforts? (Our article on Brand Republic)

  • Pay TV: The battles rage on but who will win the war? - June 2014
    As competition hots in the world of pay TV, Sky's dominance could be under threat, says Lee Langford, director of Telecoms, Media, Technology and Entertainment at Harris Interactive. (Our article on MediaWeek)

  • Wind power most popular source of energy in UK - May 2014
    Wind power is the most popular source of energy in the UK, according to an exclusive survey of attitudes towards the energy market carried out on behalf of the Guardian by Harris Interactive UK. A study of more than 2,000 people across incomes and political allegiances found that windfarms would be the most welcomed form of power source, as plans are made to develop new energy capacity in the UK. (Our research in The Guardian - Big Energy Debate)

  • Experience of insurance claimants consumer research report - May 2014
    Harris Interactive was commissioned to undertake a programme of consumer research to inform the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) thematic review of insurers’ management of claims. This research aimed to understand the expectations of consumers when making a claim, and measure experience and satisfaction with claims handling across the insurers involved in the thematic review. (Our report appearing on FCA.org.uk)

  • What consumers think about fish - April 2014
    Is fish healthier than poultry? Does fresh trump frozen? Our survey reveals what consumers really think about fish and seafood - and highlights key barriers to purchase. (Infographic using Harris data, published in The Grocer)

  • Where are all the Tory Tweeters? - April 2014
    In September 2013, we collected voting intention data from a representative sample of over 8,000 online consumers that we screened to identify social media users for our *SocialLife tracking survey. If we compare the profile of daily Twitter users with this overall online sample, we see a higher proportion of Labour voters in the former (35% compared with 27%). But it is also apparent that Twitter is not confined to left-wingers: 16% told us they would vote Conservative next time which is only 2% lower than the overall average of 18%. (Our article on The Huffington Post)

  • Study into the Sales of Add-on General Insurance Products - March 2014
    Towards the end of 2012, the then FSA initiated a competition market study looking into general insurance (GI) products which are sold as add-ons. As part of the overall programme for the study, the FCA commissioned Harris Interactive to undertake quantitative research to investigate consumer behaviours which are important for driving competition in the market, compare the experiences of add-on and standalone purchasers, and to verify the extent to which the findings from an earlier phase of qualitative research held true in the wider population. (Our report appearing on FCA.org.uk)

  • 54% 'not interested' in switching to 4G - March 2014
    54% of those with a mobile phone contract are 'not interested' in switching to 4G, according to research released this week by Harris Interactive. (Our research on Choose.net)

  • 4G, SnoreG: Demand for UK 4G still low 18 months on - February 2014
    It is now well over a year since EE launched the UK’s first 4G mobile phone contracts, initially in just 11 cities.  Harris Interactive surveyed contract customers one month after launch (November 2012) and, perhaps surprisingly, discovered very low awareness of and a distinct lack of appetite for 4G. (Our article in The Wall)

  • Does Nuclear Get The Public Vote? - February 2014
    As the UK moves ever closer to building its first new nuclear power plant in 20 years at Hinkley Point C, there is an ever-increasing acceptance that the country cannot rely on existing, non-renewable sources of energy, and the words 'nuclear power' continue to provoke much heated debate. Ian Marshall, Associate Director - Harris Interactive -  considers the findings of a survey to identify public opinion on nuclear power and more specifically planning permission at Hinkley Point. (Our article in The Environment magazine - PDF)

  • The Truth About Trolling - January 2014
    Hot on the heels of the news that two people have pleaded guilty to sending "menacing" tweets to feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez in July 2013 Research Director, Lee Langford, reviews the latest statistics on UK social media bullying from Harris Interactive's SocialLife tracker*, to find out exactly what the online bullying landscape looks like in the UK. (Our article on The Huffington Post)

  • Celebrity Endorsement on Social Media - January 2014
    Correct celebrity endorsement practice is clearly a grey area, so we decided to investigate the attitudes that UK social media users have towards celebrities who promote goods and products via social media, to find out if it needs changing, or if it is something of which we should make light. (Our article on Brand Republic)

  • Running Out of Gas - January 2014
    In March 2013, the UK came dangerously close to running out of gas. The ‘crisis’ was ultimately averted, but the issue was brought firmly into perspective – the UK is reliant on imported energy!  Ian Marshall, Associate Director - Harris Interactive, surveyed a nationally representative sample of 2,077 UK consumers to assess their reactions and understand whether the UK was willing to make a change to its’ energy consumption habits. (Our article in The Environment magazine - PDF) 

  • Social MobileSeptember 2013
    Social media has had a tremendous effect on the way brands interact with the consumer. In the same way that someone can pick up their phone and contact their friends, they can also access a brand’s social media channels on the go – but how exactly do we tend to engage with brands’ social media on mobile devices? What platforms do we choose and to what extent do we use them? Research Director Lee Langford investigates. (Our article on mobilemarketingmagazine.com)

  • The SocialLife of Finance: How Financial Services can use social media to their advantage - August 2013
    Financial Services Research Director - Frances Green - explores why, like all businesses, financial services companies need to harness the great power of social media in order to enhance customer service, manage their reputation and obtain a competitive advantage. (Our article on Global Banking and Finance Review)

  • Happy with our healthcare data in the hands of sports brands - July 2013
    Research Director Lee Langford reflects that although data shows very clearly that consumers have an appetite for devices or apps that monitor their health and wellbeing, they also have data security concerns, with consumers being much more sceptical about service providers that have a less obvious ‘wellbeing’ connection... (Our research on 12ahead.com)

  • Emotional Drivers - June 2013
    Consumer choices are nowadays often portrayed as battles between rational and emotional sides - and in the case of a new car purchase, both might be expected to muster considerable armies. In this article, Harris Interactive's Lida Walsh details one approach to making sense of the melee. (Our article on MRWeb)

  • Creating a New Order - June 2013
    Financial Services Research Director, Philip Brooks, discusses how banks must now position themselves emotionally and ethically rather than rationally, to appeal to a market of distrust and indifference. (Our article on Global Banking and Finance Review)

  • Social media: Mission not impossible in virtual world - May 2013
    Brands are struggling to engage a significant proportion of consumers on social media because many people are relatively inactive on the sites, new research suggests. As many as 41 per cent of people are either passive observers or hardly use social websites. (Article based on SocialLife research in MarketingWeek)

  • BYOD - an opportunity or a threat for employers? - February 2013
    The Smartphone market is arguably one of the most dynamic in the UK at the present time. Recent research by Harris Interactive indicates that just under half (46%) of those who have a smartphone and are in work are using their own device for work purposes. (Our article on techbubbles.co.uk)

  • Making Mobile Money Work - February 2013
    The ubiquitous nature of the mobile phone has focused attention on using it as an electronic wallet. This article includes data on consumers’ attitudes to using their smartphone as an electronic purse as we move towards a cashless society...(Our article in Mobile Marketing Magazine) 

  • Could games publishers generate more brand equity from their key franchises? - January 2013
    Big games brands are known the world over, but do consumers know the firms behind them? Research Director, Lee Langford examines how brand awareness could help publishers...(Our article on MCVuk.com) 

  • We love our touchscreens. But is it unrequited love? - November 2012
    "It’s plain to see that people are mesmerised by touchscreen technology. Look around any train carriage and you’ll see the faces of engrossed commuters captivated by their touchscreen devices. Why is it that people are so enamoured with their smartphones and tablets?" (Our article on Fourth Source)

  • Is Apple's halo beginning to slip? - November 2012
    Lee Langford, Director, Harris Interactive considers how the results of a recent poll could provide some cheer for brands hoping to challenge Apple's dominance. (Our article on Brand Republic)

  • Technological Takeover: How TouchScreen Life is Eclipsing Real Life - October 2012
    Steve Evans, Research Director for Entertainment & Technology at Harris Interactive, reports on some new research into the way we interact with touchscreens. Article commissioned by Figaro Digital. 

  • Habits and behaviours of high-level consumers of lead-shot wild game meat in Scotland - October 2012
    The aim of this project was to identify high level consumers who eat large amounts of lead-shot wild-game meat in Scotland and to investigate consumption habits and behaviours of these consumers on behalf of the Food Standards Agency.

  • If Gandhi was a banker - August 2012
    As retail banks try to re-engage customers and restore their faith, says Philip Brooks, they could do worse than take their inspiration from the legendary Mahatma Gandhi.

  • No! Not yet! - July 2012
    The mutuals score high on all the coventional measures of customer satisfaction reports Frances Green, But, she warns, 'it's too soon for them to start cracking open the champagne'.

  • The world of smart TV is upon us - it just needs a little fine tuning - July 2012
    Every year for the past few years seems to have been heralded as “The Year of the Connected TV”. Few doubt that the big screen in the living room will be an important channel for everything the web has to offer, but there are question marks over the extent to which Connected or Smart TV, as it stands, has captured the imagination and viewing hours of consumers today. Is it the year of connected TV already, or is it still to be realised? (Our Article on Brand Republic)
  • Kaspersky - Digital Consumer's Online Trends and Risks - June 2012
    To better understand their customers, their computers and Internet usage patterns and attitudes towards security and the safety of data, Kaspersky commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct this valuable study. 
  • Ofgem - Customer Complaints Handling Report - March 2012
    Harris Interactive undertook quantitative research with customers who had made a complaint to one of the big six suppliers (in Dec 2011) to gauge satisfaction with suppliers complaints handling.
  • Understanding the Role of the Internet in the Lives of Consumers- January 2012
    Fleishman-Hillard's annual global Digital Influence Index takes a look not only at what consumers are doing online but also whom they’re interacting with, the transactions they’re completing, the technologies they’re using to navigate the Web and the collective growing influence of the Internet on consumer behavior.
  • Consumer Perceptions of Mutuals - May 2011 
    The paper highlights that the mutual sector is in a strong position to capitalise on the loss of trust in the banking sector that  has occurred over the past few years; based on the research we conducted into consumers' perceptions of mutuals. 
  • Portrayal Vs Betrayal: Audience Diversity - April 2011
    Watching films is one of the UK‟s favourite pastimes. We know that the UK is becoming an increasingly diverse society and it is absolutely vital that the film industry reflects that by serving the broadest possible audiences, reflecting their lives and age,gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and physical ability.
  • Electrification of the Automotive Industry - The European Consumer's View - March 2011
    Is the customer ready to buy electric vehicles? And more importantly, are they willing to pay more for them? EurotaxGlass’s addressed this question working together with Harris Interactive. Answers were presented during the Business Intelligence Forum “Electrification of the automotive industry - mass market or niche player?”’ hosted by EurotaxGlass’s.

  • LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll - UK Advertiser Report - December 2009
    In this report, we share more of the data from our study, highlight the key issues and off er our insight into some of the potential risks – and rewards – off ered by new media choices today.

  • The Influence of Digital Communication on Consumer's Attitudes to Brands - October 2009
    This paper draws on syndicated and custom studies by Harris Interactive, that have enabled us to study different types of communications across hundreds of UK brands. This includes measuring the extent of the communications, their strength of overall influence and their differing roles as influencers of our hearts and minds. 


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