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A research report on every major activity on every popular screen device

We spend a huge and ever increasing amount of our working and leisure time staring at screens. Harris PixelLife is an ambitious research study that attempts to look at every major type of screen and every major type of usage in the UK today. The findings are based on a nationally representative survey of 2,973 respondents aged 16-64.


Any brand wanting to know more about its audience in all the hours spent in front of a screen should find PixelLife a treasure trove of insights.

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This detailed report contains the following results:

  • device ownership
  • activities
  • activities by screen
  • services used for all activities
  • time volumetric share for activity on smartphone and tablet
  • satisfaction overview
  • satisfaction with individual activities
  • satisfaction with desktop PC usage
  • satisfaction with laptop/netbook usage
  • satisfaction with tablet usage
  • satisfaction with laptop/tablet hybrid usage
  • satisfaction with smartphone usage
  • satisfaction with games console usage
  • satisfaction with smart TV
  • ...plus full demographic profiling throughout the report

Why we created PixelLife

We created PixelLife because we believe it is unique. While there are many studies on devices and many clients research satisfaction on their services on different devices, we believe this is the first study to attempt to look at everything!

By ‘everything’ we mean every major activity undertaken on every kind of screen available today –and this is a hugely ambitious undertaking. Given we spend a huge amount of time looking at screens nowadays, PixelLife should be of interest to anyone interested in the choices people make in front of them.

In the same way that major marketing tools and trackers look at the profile and holistic media habits of the nation, PixelLife attempts to do the same thing with screen-time. But we go further by not only understanding what people do and who they are, but also to appreciate how satisfied they are when doing it.

PixelLife covers the what, who and satisfaction elements in equal measure.


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Access the full report here

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(3mb - PDF)
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Published January 2015

PixelLife Example Contents

 device ownership


activities by screen

services used for all activities