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Data Collection

As a full service research provider, we are well versed in online, traditional and mixed-mode data collection approaches as well as today’s leading qualitative approaches. Even given our advantages in the online data collection space, you can be confident that Harris Interactive will recommend online data collection only when it is deemed viable and appropriate. 

Our main priority is to ensure the highest level of data quality possible. Our strategy for ensuring the representativeness of your data collected online is to reduce total error. When it comes to online and mixed mode data collection, our research-on-(online) research findings influence all aspects of data collection where error can occur. The three main areas we systematically attend to in every project span from sampling and survey design through to weighting.

Harris Interactive leads the research community in thinking beyond the online survey to consider the abundant array of data collection options available, such as:

  • combining telephone interviews with online data entry (web-assisted personal interviewing [WAPI]),
  • online recruitment to offline surveys (and vice-versa),
  • online focus groups and in-depth interviews, and
  • roving laptop-based interviews using computer-assisted personal interviews.
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