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Whether you need to pare down a number of new product concepts for further development, or select the most promising concept for launch, Harris Interactive’s QuickScreener® can help. QuickScreener® is a fast, reliable, quantitative online concept-screening service that enables you to get concept results in about a week.

QuickScreener® is a customizable service that employs monadic, sequential-monadic, or proto-monadic methodologies to provide timely, actionable, cost-effective results. In addition, with QuickScreener you also have the option of receiving normative comparisons across hundreds of categories, or use it to generate comprehensive volumetric forecasts.


Get these benefits with QuickScreener® concept testing:

  • Fast - One-week turnaround for tables; three weeks for analysis
  • Flexible - Monadic, sequential-monadic or proto-monadic designs
  • Customizable - Ask the questions you want answered
  • Comprehensive - Complete design, reporting, and analysis options
  • Representative - General population or targeted sample
  • Reliable - Accurate, timely, and actionable
  • Proven - Hundreds of studies; years of experience


Get these features with QuickScreener® concept testing:

  • Accommodates Text or image-based concepts
  • Easily incorporates open and closed-ended questions
  • Facilitates timely delivery of results
    • One week for closed-ended questions
    • Two weeks for open-ended questions
    • Three weeks for complete written analyses

Options Available

  • Composite scoring can make it easier to compare results across several measures by creating a single, overall concept score
  • Ransom Note allows respondents to highlight aspects of the concepts they like and dislike
  • Normative data increase confidence by providing a basis for evaluating concept scores
  • Volumetric forecasts help to determine market viability

Applications – Used for testing

  • Early Stage Product Concepts
  • Product Names
  • Flavor Names
  • Brand Logos
  • Product Labels
  • Product Packages
  • Late Stage Product Concepts
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