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Harris Interactive’s ValuesConnect is a proprietary qualitative research methodology used to gauge and comprehend the rational and emotional factors connecting your brand to your target audience.

This proven systematic approach identifies linkages between:

  • Attributes: Features of the brand that are used by consumers to make decisions
  • Consequences: Benefits associated with those attributes
  • Emotions and Values: Personal motivations that give meaning and relevance to the attributes and benefits

ValuesConnect provides a template to guide your strategic marketing and communication choices through a comprehensive understanding of human decision-making behavior. The insights gained from ValuesConnect can be used to:

  • Identify the equities and disequities associated with your brand or offering
  • Reorganize your brand attributes or offerings to align with consumer motivations
  • Motivate key stakeholders through effective communications
  • Further segment and target your consumer groups

Developing a Brand Positioning Based on Consumer Values

ValuesConnect answers pivotal questions regarding the relationship between consumers and brands that are impossible to obtain with survey research or focus group techniques.  This unique methodology uncovers the precise network of linkages from product attributes – to functional benefits – to emotional consequences – and deeply held values that drive human behavior.

The resulting decision-making map provides clear and powerful guidance for strategy development.

Since years of research have proven that these patterns of decision making do not shift readily, the results obtained from ValuesConnect are relatively stable and enduring – providing long term benefit to your business objectives.

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