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The world of marketing communications has changed dramatically. In the past, mass media was predominantly used to raise brand awareness via a one-way communication flow to the consumer. But now, in its simplest form, the process involves a two-way multi-media dialogue that engages the consumer in a more balanced partnership. Brand managers now place consumers at the centre of their decision making, taking marketing actions that are designed to build a connection with audiences.

Maintaining a high level of engagement with consumers is achieved through connecting with their emotions and values, touching them at the core so that a brand becomes a crucial part of their lives. Our consultancy approach is supported by numerous creative tools which will help you truly understand where your brand is heading and what is happening in the market place. We also consider your brand and consumers relative to your competitors’.

Moreover, consumers do not behave rationally all the time, and sometimes they make decisions which often contradict many theories of economics and rational consumer behaviour. That is why we use and implement some of the theories from behavioural economics to help you better understand your target audiences and the relationship they have with your brand.

We'll present you with actionable, easy to understand results, and provide a clear strategic direction for future activity.

Our ‘tools’ such as consumer connection, needs mapping and brand footprints, segment footprints, communication touchpoints/TrueLift and multimedia testing aid that understanding.

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