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Today’s market place is typified by brands seeking to differentiate themselves, keen to explore new market opportunities, and determined to identify and communicate unmet consumer needs in pursuit of competitive advantage.

The most powerful marketing strategies succeed in motivating people at the deepest levels of values and emotions, and give visible ‘reasons to believe’ via clear product features and benefits. To meet the challenge of keeping one step ahead, today’s marketers need to ask themselves:

  • Is my brand strategy right?
  • How strong is my brand now?
  • How should I organise the architecture of brand, sub-brands and product lines?
  • How could I strengthen the bonds between my brand and my customers?
  • Is my brand fit for the future?
  • Would I be better to re-position my brand, stretch it, or partner with other brands? 
  • Where is the best market opportunity?
  • How can I develop a differentiated brand strategy?
  • Which consumer needs should I focus on?
  • How do I become relevant to the lives of my target audience?
  • Which brand positioning has the best sales potential?

Our consultancy approach, successfully combines a knowledge of market research techniques, deep sector understanding, brand strategy and communication know-how and robust marketing insight to enable you to answer all these questions. The approach gives you everything you will need to define your future brand strategy and communication activities.

How we do it?

We thoroughly investigate the critical steps necessary for developing your brand strategy: 

  • Who: understanding in depth your target audience, how well you connect with them, and how each marketing action will resonate with them 
  • Where: explore needs, positioning, competition, partnering, stretch opportunities 
  • How: Identify the components that build a brand position through connecting to people’s emotions and values 
  • Review: check what you’ve achieved and your outlook for the future.

In support of this activity we implement some creative ‘tools’ within our portfolio such as consumer connection, needs mapping, segment and brand footprints as well as brand linkage.

To understand how to build a positioning, we study consumer perception and motivation following the maxim: 

“Persuade rationally, motivate emotionally”

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