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Consumer Connection 

Our Consumer Connection approach is core to many of Harris Interactive’s brand and communication engagements. The prerequisite for a brand’s success is the development of a deeply held, almost instinctive bond with its consumers. This bond we call consumer connection.

  • It can be measured
  • It is predictive of reported behaviour and actual behaviour
  • It is a diagnostic marketing tool to understand how to strengthen your bond with consumers, and competitive vulnerabilities.

Our approach provides clients with a measure of the overall level of rational and emotional connection between a brand and its target consumers. Using Consumer Connection we provide guidance about which elements of the brand relationship are connecting well with the target audience, and which areas are not. By focussing on improving these consumer connections brands are able to strengthen their equity over time. 

Consumer connection approach

Our past projects show us that the correlation between Consumer Connection scores and sales data are closely interlinked.

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