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Feature Design & Bundling

After you’ve identified potential product concepts that appear to have a sizeable market, you need to determine precisely which features or benefits to offer, in which combinations, and at what prices – while accounting for the likely response of competitors to your innovation.

Harris Interactive helps you meet these difficult challenges with our cost efficient and customisable solutions that help to identify and optimise your feature, benefit and price set to optimise buyer interest and appeal.  We help you answer questions like:

  • What are the features or product attributes that are absolutely necessary? 
  • What features or product attributes are differentiating and potentially owned by your product?
  • What rational and emotional benefits are derived from those features?  Does your product effectively leverage the connections between desired features/attributes and desired benefits among target customers?
  • What are the types or varieties of products (combinations of features, benefits and prices) that are most desired?

We recognise that your needs and your critical questions will be different from anyone else’s so we tailor the research approach to provide you with the information you need, within the time you need it and within a budget that you can afford.   Among the tools we frequently use is Discrete Choice Modelling (DCM), which helps you identify the most powerful/desired features and benefits, while simulating markets with various mixes of products, brands and prices.  We also often conduct sensory and/or prototype testing when feasible.

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