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Coming up with new and successful product ideas can be both challenging and arduous.  At Harris Interactive, our category experts work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business needs and to identify the best methodologies and participants to provide you with creative and actionable ideas.

Regardless of the method or audience, we use a variety of qualitative, creative and projective techniques to facilitate the iterative exploration of ideas.  Underlying all of these approaches is a commitment to flexibility of discussion; to go where the ideas take us.

We’ll work with you to draw upon the best and most reliable sources of ideas for your needs whether those are category experts and innovators, creative consumers, or internal stakeholders.

Once we understand your precise business needs and the right participants for your ideation work, we can draw upon a range of ideation methods.   Among these are:

  • Workshops 
  • Advanced Strategy Lab®(ASL), our unique online or in-person collaborative brainstorming process, coupled with traditional and online focus groups

Our goal regardless of method or audience is to emerge from the process with more than just some general ideas, but with well-formed concepts suitable for more quantitative testing and screening, allowing your product development process to work smoothly and efficiently. 

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