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TrueLift Modelling 

Do you want and need to understand how non-advertising touchpoints affect your consumers or customers? Do you want to understand how different advertising media affect your customers? Do you want to know how consumers are influencing your brand perception by digital and non-digital word of mouth? Then TrueLift modelling can help you to find an answer.

TrueLift modelling measures the effect on brand attitudes, resulting from in-market consumer experience of many touchpoints with the brand. It reveals the overall effect of the marketing programme, distinguishing the contribution of different touchpoints and tells you which elements have contributed most strongly to your success.  In conjunction with advertising expenditure data, it can also highlight the relative return on investment for each element of the campaign, in terms of shifts in brand attitudes.

TrueLift modelling is incorporated into brand and advertising tracking studies and advertising post test studies. No additional questions are required in the interview beyond those already included to meet the standard research objectives.  It delivers two main benefits:

  • The size of influence of the particular communication channel or touchpoint
  • The attribution of influence to the right medium or touchpoint

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